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 God is all love. 

 We also can love unconditionally if we choose.  But many choose not. 

 Find your own way home, we found ours! 

  NOT  inspired 

 on fear based organized religious beliefs. 

 I thank organized religions 

 for closing your doors on us gays. 

 You should do that for everyone. 

 It brings out the spiritual side of self. 

This is a spiritual site.

To bring a higher level of love.

We are more than our religion. 

We are spiritual beings of God.

We also can love unconditionally.  Can you? 


 When churches and religions 

 started closing their doors on gay people. 

 We were left finding our own way home. 

 So we wrote a book.  

Fiction based on a true story 

  Michael and Nick 

  Book Trailer for 

 "Wounded by Religion. 

 Healed by Faith. 

 A Gay Mans Dance with God." 

 Even before the car wreck, people were telling me that I should write a book for the work I did at Northwest Airlines when I came out as a gay mechanic in 1992. A time when you could still be fired for being gay.

 Then the car wreck happened on the day I was awarded my bid to Atlanta GA. to start a new life with my new partner of 2 months. Having breaking up a 6 1/2 year relationship 2 months before the wreck.

 I now then had two gay men fighting over me as to who's going to take better care of me if I awake from the coma I was in. A 5% chance to live. Would I even knew anyone? Or would I be a vegetable?


Radio interview: https://youtu.be/udtOQHsMTfk?t=9m23s   *   


Wounded by Religion Healed by Faith by [Anderson, Michael]

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 first chapter and then some... 

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   Fiction based on a true story 

 For those people who want to be on the leading edge of creative thought.  I share a new reality of awareness as experienced by many.  Please join Abraham Hicks and us. 

 Abraham Hicks - Mass awakening is going on!  


 Thank you Abraham for pointing out some of the things I love.  


 * I love knowing how my Oneness with God works! 

 I love knowing who I am! 

 I love feeling the power of who I was before I was born! 

 I love thinking about my unlimitedness! 

 I love that I feel a calling from within! 

 I love thinking about my worthiness, my blessedness, my 

  possibilities, as God see's me pure and perfect as I was created! 

 I love being consciously aware as I go throughout my day 

 of the God within me experiencing life and love through me! 

 I love thinking about me and my relationship of who I am, 

 and who I'm  letting myself be, Because I'm awesome! 

 I love thinking of all the possibilities, and then to have them come 


 I love knowing that there is a great love out there for me, and 

 that now I have that love within me, and I within it! 

 I love knowing if I change my thoughts I can change my 


 I love knowing that we are not our religion.  That we are more than   that.  We are spiritual beings! 

 I love knowing I don't have to die to experience heaven! 

 I love knowing that my oneness with God doesn't depend upon 

 anyone else's experience! 

 I love knowing that you're on your own journey and I'm on mine! 

 I love knowing what I know! 

 I love knowing that love and fear are the only two emotions 

 the soul knows.  



  Some of Mike's favorites of Abraham Hicks,  

Thank You Abraham! 

 We are vibrations of energy.  Tune in. 




 Great teacher for modern days. 

Abraham Hicks - 

 How to allow the things you want. 


  Create the life you want.  Test it.  Are you a creator? 

Universe, do you know what I want?  
What my desires are?  
Do you know where it is?
 Thank you to the Source of this information, Abraham-Hicks
Please visit their website:



Abraham Hicks 2015 ~ Test the universe and watch what shows up.

         Abraham Hicks - Tell your true story!

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